Books publishing

We offer the best local and International talent and creative minds that will bring subjects to life through high quality coffee table books, brochures and publications.

Annual Reports

You annual report is a great opportunity to showcase your brand through unique design. We provide well-designed annual reports, which can improve your company’s image and help to stay ahead of the competition.

Press conferences

We take care of the entire gamut that surrounds press and media events from invitations, follow-ups and media kits to event arrangement, photography, and gifts.

Magazine publishing

We have the capability to produce publications on a variety of subjects for different clients and target audiences, and already have to our credit several well-crafted, specialist magazines.

Public relations

We offer innovative, creative and effective support to companies launching and building their brands in the regional market.

Press releases

We create market-savvy, well-crafted press releases that alert the local, regional and international media about your group’s news and activities.

Copywriting & Editing(multi-lingual)

We have a team of talented and versatile wordsmiths who can create magic through their words. Our copywriters can tackle subjects for any business, service or commercial sector.

Market surveys

We offer expertise in all phases of questionnaire design, survey data analysis, and report writing, and tailor services to each client’s needs and budget.

Corporate Newsletters and Internal communications

We create engaging newsletters with visually appealing content, making it fun and interesting or thought provoking, challenging or informative as required.


We offer multi lingual translation services through our partners and collaborators.

Media Management

We help identify strategic and operational opportunities in the media and disseminate information and PR for our clients.

Interviews & transcription

We conduct in depth interviews for film and print media, and provide transcription services working on production files for interviews, television or movie segments, commercial footage, and other types of media footage.